Sun-kissed FRESHNESS from our farm to your fork! Guaranteed Freshness  Our produce never enters the delivery chain so its fresher than fresh! Supporting Local Farmers results in you being involved in creating jobs for the less fortunate within our community No Farmers = No Food. Farmers locally need your support to continue growing quality products. I’m Bennie Niemand the proud owner of Good Food Farm. I’m passionate about farming responsibly and producing products that are absolutely natural, fresh and wholesome.  I’m also on a mission to support our local farmers so that they can be around for a long, long time About our Farm ABOUT ME GET TO KNOW YOUR FARMER to supply you with absolutely pure and fresh food directly from our farms. We farm without the use of chemicals embracing companion planting, catchment crops, crop rotation and balancing the eco system.  Natural predators and organic pesticides are used if necessary, but nothing else! It is our mission to get to know you personally, you are welcome to come to the farm to collect your goods or I will deliver to you if you are based in our area. We hope soon to have a “Farmers Market” every weekend, so watch this space for new information. Kind regards, Bennie quick contact Ph: 08345 08345 Fax: 08654 12819 order form / product list