Sun-kissed FRESHNESS from our farm to your fork! Please contact us to find out if we can deliver in your area! Our aim is to build a relationship with you on an ongoing basis delivering you the finest quality Farm Fresh foods that are seasonally available in our area. Organically grown fruits and vegetables have significantly higher levels of antioxidants than do traditionally cultivated food products. Currently we are able to deliver to the following areas Knysna, Wilderness, Sedgefield, George, Outshoorn, Mossel Bay and surrounding areas Delivery Service WE CAN DELIVER FARM SHOP and FARMERS MARKET More details coming soon.... In the meantime you can Order Online or Download and print out our order form and fax or email it to us Less harm to the environment - Growing foods sustainably ensures that farmers will be able to stay in production because they take care of the soil, environment and rescources quick contact Ph: 08345 08345 Fax: 08654 12819 order form / product list