About Us

We started farming fresh produce in 2002 growing a selection of vegetables for some of our big retailers across the country. Later we made a choice to supply only customers in the Garden Route. Our focus became farming smaller and more efficient producing a selection of produce and to sell direct to the local food trade and consumers.

We farm mainly under net shadehouse protected areas aiming to keep out insects and damaging natural elements. We use the absolute minimum chemicals and when deciding on them we use the safest available option to consumers and the environment. We do a weekly scouting of our production area and if we find insects or diseases that can destroy our crop we decide either to spray an organic remedy and if not available we use the less harmfull chemical. We do not use any herbicides and do all our weeding by hand.

In our production we embrace the principles of companion planting, catchment crops, crop rotation, balancing the nutrients in the soil,  maintaining a healthy and biological active soil life that will support the growing of healthy produce. We aim to harvest our produce as soon as they are market ready. We do our harvesting early in the mornings hoping to lock in the dew fresh crispness of nature and to get the produce as fresh as possible ready for our customers to buy.